Gaize is an automated screen that detects impairment for all drug types and alcohol by performing diagnostic ocular tests.   

Get clear results in just 6 minutes backed by video evidence.

Drug tests are designed to identify the presence of a substance in the body, not whether someone is actively impaired. Presence of a substance does not always correlate with active impairment and won’t necessarily determine whether someone is safe to work or drive.

Performs The Same Eye Test Protocol Used By Law Enforcement For More Than 45 Years

The Next Generation of Workplace Safety


When Can You Screen For Impairment?


Screen Prior To The Start Of Shift Have the peace of mind that employees are fit to work. Screen as often as you want to - at shift change, after lunch, or after breaks.

Screen Before Operating Equipment Your equipment operators should be unimpaired. Now you can know for sure, every day.

Jobsite Or Facility Access Have certainty & confidence that every subcontractor & vendor that enters your jobsite is unimpaired.

Reasonable Suspicion Confirm in 6 minutes whether an employee is impaired.

Post Incident Time is of the essence. Know whether impairment is a potential cause of the incident.

Return To Duty Perform regular impairment screenings as a requirement for employees to return to duty.