There are hundreds of state laws & thousands of court & agency decisions that likely impact your workplace drug screening program. 

State Drug Testing Laws (marijuana laws, workers compensation).  We maintain a comprehensive and up to date database of drug testing laws for quick easy access to the answers you need.

Policy Review and Development.  Change happens quickly with workplace drug screening rules. Hot topics such as marijuana, prescription drugs, the ADA, OSHA, FMLA, state-specific rules may impact your policy where it likely didn't before. Let us review or develop your program, get you compliant & keep you updated.

Consulting. Trust in our years of experience and research to accomplish your goals.  

Litigation Support. Save time preparing your case & take advantage of our expansive research and Expert Witness services.

Real-Time Alerts.  Get State Law alerts with our built in Compliance Engine when you order a drug test in our STATWARE web-based program.